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Chantix aka Champix (Varenicline)

Champix has the highest success rate of all quit-smoking treatments available. It is a dual action treatment that works by reducing nicotine cravings and lessening the pleasure gained through inhaling cigarette smoke. 

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Smokers who buy Chantix online are more than twice as likely to quit as people who use nicotine patches and gum. By using Champix you can be smoke free once and for all within 12 weeks.

In 2006, Food and Drug Administration, the American pharmaceutical drug regulator approved Pfizer's touted smoke cessation drug Chantix. Amid advertisements of tortoise and hare with positive public reception, Champix was prescribed over the course of years to over seven million Americans struggling to quit tobacco. Vareniciline which is main active ingredient of Chantix blocks the brain receptors which give the sensation of pleasure and reward during smoking. This causes the smoker who is taking Champix to lose the pleasure from smoking by removing its taste and diminishing the craving for the drug. Chantix effectively prevents the pleasure from tobacco to occur leaving the smoker with very nasty taste of smoking in his mouth.

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Extensive clinical trials have proven that Champix is more effective than any other quit smoking treatment, including nicotine gum, patches and inhalers. Its success rate is also higher than Zyban, the only other smoking cessation prescription medication available. In a recent study 44% of patients using Champix had stopped smoking after 12 weeks of treatment, compared to about 22% of patients who took Zyban. Those who take a second 12 week course are more than 74% likely to give up for good.

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